2018 Marin Valentine’s Ball Beneficiary Agencies

Sunny Hills Services

Since 1895, Sunny Hills Services has been at the forefront of helping vulnerable children in our community. Today, Sunny Hills operates an array of distinct programs in Marin County and the greater Bay Area designed to meet the housing, educational, mental health, and developmental needs of at-risk children and youth. Our services stem from the conviction that early treatment creates positive futures for children and their families. This year, we will provide intensive services to more than 1,800 children, and reach many of their family members through our supportive family services.

For more information visit www.sunnyhillsservices.org

Timothy Murphy School at St. Vincent’s

Timothy Murphy School at St. Vincent's provides special education services to both residents of St. Vincent's School for Boys and day students within the Marin Community with serious emotional and learning disabilities. The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School is a group of volunteers who support the school's educational program through fundraising as well as volunteering time and talent to promote positive life and school experiences.

For more information visit www.godmothers.org

North Bay Children’s Center

North Bay Children’s Center provides comprehensive high-quality child care and early education programs fueled by our vision of excellence and a spirit of innovation.

Our mission is to assure optimal development for every child we serve through:
• Culturally rich programs that prepare children from diverse backgrounds to succeed socially, emotionally and academically
• Our Garden of Eatin’ program that weaves a culture of health and wellness throughout the organization and serves as a model for other communities to emulate
• Strong family, school, and community partnerships that support a shared belief in each child’s ability to succeed.

For more information visit www.nbcc.net